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It’s About Effort!


A Duncan look back in the past. He realizes that a Duncan before had given up on making effort for those who don’t make an effort for him. He had done so before – he made effort for those he cared for and they do not and eventually it died out.

It happened to his male best friend. It had happened to his closed friend. It happened to those he trust. He had tried making effort for those but people who just do not make that effort, eventually – a Duncan move on and let go…

This is a path a Duncan experience. While old friends have return to a Duncan and they make effort for him,  a Duncan did show up. When a Duncan was in Manila, he was still sick and made an effort to visit his friends he had known more than 5 years to visit. He was coughing, having flu and phlegm. He does not care how sick he was – that was the effort he made for his friends and they know he was sick and it is worth it.

If a Duncan don’t make an effort, his friends will be disappointed. He had let others down before… but he made sure he will do it. He will return to Phillipines and definitely will go to Indonesia too. The hardest part – to visit his American friend in Netherlands. He do not know if he can achieve that and he had promised her a few times. He realizes words only are not that important – what is important are the words that go along with the action.

He will try…. no matter what.

Thinking now – he also know when someone he cares for is doing less effort, it can influence a Duncan too. He had tried so before and the worst of it – a Duncan actions are affected by those he is surrounded with. When the person he love and care for make less effort, so is a Duncan. It happened to his ex… and when it does – a Duncan start to care less.

A Duncan did what he could now… and he knows that this is some thing that he can’t help it. It does not mean he will wait for that someone to make effort. If its the same amount and not controlled, without setting boundaries, it will be… a life time of any relationship that will last forever and not that bullshit that people love to make excuse “people change and that’s life” crap.

He will sacrifice to those he cared for… and action speaks itself but when efforts are becoming lesser and lesser, it accumulates. When it accumulates, depending up or down, it has consequences.

A Duncan knows this because he has always been down that road before… and by far, nothing changes. He remembers that his male best friend said if a Duncan ever marries in Australia, he will made reservations to go to his wedding there. A Duncan knows these are just words… he has yet to see his male best friend in action. Knowing what his male best friend going through right now – so far he do made an effort whenever meeting up (and a Duncan hates it when it has to be some where convenient for his male best friend… at times, he do notice that). Will his male best friend ever really say what he said before and fulfilled it? A Duncan does not know… time do plays a role… and so does it play on a Duncan too.

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